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MIX Celebrates a Canadian success: Intellijoint Surgical launches at a publicly funded Canadian hospital

The Canadian ecosystem is world renowned for supporting and fostering incredible start-ups. Where we lack traction is adopting and procuring Canadian medical technologies to-scale in our own health systems. Plainly put, it is rare that Canadian-founded medtech benefits Canadian patients and clinicians. Today marks an incredibly important milestone in the effort to adopt domestic medtech: […]

Guest Blog: The Art of Knowledge Sharing

Sharing information with each other around a fire was one of the best ways to learn for centuries: passing on knowledge and stories. Now we have the internet but sometimes finding your answer is not easy. In a formal educational setting, Case Studies are used to improve learning by providing real-world scenarios. In a Professional Setting […]

ShelterCare: Healthcare Innovation for Good

By: Jessica Bondy “Jessica, shelter is traditionally a mat and a meal.” That was my introduction to housing services, courtesy of House of Friendship (our friends call us “HoF”) executive director and community leader John Neufeld. In 2018, after nearly a decade in student services and housing at the University of Waterloo, I joined House [...]