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MIX Celebrates a Canadian success: Intellijoint Surgical launches at a publicly funded Canadian hospital

The Canadian ecosystem is world renowned for supporting and fostering incredible start-ups. Where we lack traction is adopting and procuring Canadian medical technologies to-scale in our own health systems. Plainly put, it is rare that Canadian-founded medtech benefits Canadian patients and clinicians.

Today marks an incredibly important milestone in the effort to adopt domestic medtech: the launch of Intellijoint HIP at Humber River Hospital in Toronto. See the announcement here. The entire MIX community, the medtech ecosystem and patients across Canada should celebrate this news. It gives hope to other scaling medtech companies, it demonstrates the value that leaders hold in patient outcomes, and it shows other founders that it is possible to build, scale, remain and SELL in Canada.

This milestone was a long time in the making, it was over 7 years ago that Intellijoint Surgical received their Health Canada Medical License. During that time, patients and health systems around the world have benefited from the Intellijoint Surgical solution. Outcomes for hip replacements have improved where Intellijoint HIP has launched and clinicians have been able to complete their surgeries with more accuracy and efficiency. During that time, Intellijoint Surgical was determined to bring their product to the Canadian market, and was equally determined to remain in Canada and in the community that they were founded in; adding to the local economy, hiring local talent and helping to establish the area as a new international hub for medical technology. After all, health is an economic driver.

Intellijoint Surgical recognized that they have a wealth of experience to pass on to other Canadian medtech and health innovation companies. That is why they founded MIX two short years ago. Since then, MIX has grown to welcome 4 other health and medtech companies who all share the vision and mission that Intellijoint has; a thriving Canadian medtech ecosystem where start-ups can grow and remain in Canada; Vena Medical, Bloom Care Solutions, Emmetros and NERv. This isn’t the first time that a Canadian medical solution has been launched in Canada, but it is such a relatively infrequent occurrence that it makes us stop and celebrate. All these incredible companies plus many more in the ecosystem are watching this news closely, excited that the door has been pushed open just a bit more for Canadian adoption.