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Media Release

August 20, 2021
Accelerator Centre and Medical Innovation Xchange Partner to Support Scaling Medtech Companies

Health innovation is a global priority and Waterloo Region is a powerhouse of medical innovation—with hundreds of local companies looking to make an impact in the sector.

Today, the Accelerator Centre (AC) and Medical Innovation Xchange (MIX) are pleased to announce a partnership within the AC’s Plexus Medtech Program (formerly known as SYNAPSE) to strengthen the network of support for local medtech companies.

Through the partnership, MIX will provide selected medtech companies participating in the AC’s programming with one-to-one mentorship to support them as they make connections with the health innovation ecosystem, the health system and valuable mentors so that they have the greatest chance of success.

The partnership also serves to formalize the collaboration between the AC and MIX to ensure a strong pipeline of innovative medtech companies and a robust network of support across the ecosystem.

“Coming out of a global pandemic, the necessity to ramp up innovation across the value chain of healthcare could not have been higher. The Greater Waterloo Region with its density of innovation and ecosystem players stands a phenomenal chance to reshape healthcare for Canada. The AC is truly committed to this cause and is keen to work with Grand River Hospital through our Plexus Medtech Program,” says AC CEO Jay Krishnan. “Healthcare innovation will take the village approach, and in this light, we are pleased to work with a partner like MIX. The addition of expert mentors, within the MIX community, to our ongoing roster of mentorship opportunities for startups is essential to ensuring medtech companies are able to grow and scale here in Waterloo. We look forward to working with MIX and the innovation ecosystem to continue building a robust network of support as Waterloo emerges as a health innovation hub.”

“Our Region has an incredible opportunity to be a leading world-class medtech ecosystem,” says MIX Executive Director Elliot Fung. “Partnerships with local health system leaders like Grand River Hospital and other innovation partners such as the AC will provide valuable support and growth for local scaling medtech companies. Importantly, the success of these partnerships will drive economic and company growth, as well as innovative opportunities for clinicians and patients. We are looking forward to working with the AC and supporting even more scaling medtech companies
in our Region.”

About the Accelerator Centre

The Accelerator Centre (AC) is an award-winning startup accelerator dedicated to building and
scaling globally competitive companies. The AC is ranked the #1 private business accelerator in
Canada and is among the top 5 such organizations in the world due to their reputation for
meaningful, one-to-one mentorship and helping entrepreneurs go from the idea stage to highgrowth

The AC has worked with over 650 startups, including Ontario’s most successful medtech and
healthtech companies such as Intellijoint Surgical, Nicoya Lifesciences, Emmetros, NERv
Technology, Cloud Dx, Curiato, and Kenota Health.

About the Medical Innovation Xchange

MIX is Canada’s first industry-led medical technology hub, located in Kitchener, ON. Its focus is to create a thriving ecosystem that develops, sustains, and retains domestic medical technology
companies and establishes the Kitchener-Waterloo Region as a leader in medical innovation. Its
30,000 square foot facility includes current residents Intellijoint Surgical, Penta Medical, Vena
Medical, Bloom Care Solutions, NERv Technolgy and Emmetros.

To learn more about the residency program, visit

For more information contact:

Tabatha Laverty
Director, Marketing and Communications
Accelerator Centre

Elliot Fung
Executive Director
Medical Innovation Xchange (MIX)